The Plant-Powered Diet

When it comes to diets, I hold two foundational beliefs.

  • Deprivations diets are doomed to fail. Hence, learn to eat a healthy lifestyle diet that is nutritious and delicious.
  • No one diet exists that is perfect for every human being since we are all unique. No one should dictate what everyone else should eat based on her own diet. I am not you. You are not me.

That said nutrition is a science. If we understand the basis of the science available to us – incomplete as it is – we can make better choices about what we eat which will positively affect our health, our quality of life and our lifespan.

A book for everyone

That is where The Plant-Powered Diet comes to the rescue. Sharon Palmer has written a book for everyone who wishes to tap into the power of plants, no matter what core diet she chooses. The Plant-Powered Diet is for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. The book is well researched, well organized and makes no judgements.
Yes, plants are incredibly good for us and we should be eating a variety of them. We know that. However, transitioning to a more plant-based diet is challenging. Some of us love our meat. Some of us feel paralyzed by all the conflicting information out there. And some of us want to ensure we get all the nutrients and are not sure how to replace animal products with appropriate plant products.

The plant-powered food guide

The Plant-Powered Diet speaks to all each of us and answers our questions. Including plants in your diet is not an all or nothing proposition. Sharon Palmer outlines food categories for us throughout the book. In chapter twelve, she gives us a new Plant-Powered Food Guide we can follow based on science rather than competing interests and lobby groups. With this guide, you can incorporate more plants into your diet as she outlines how the guide works for every style of eating: omnivore, vegetarian and vegan. Included are serving sizes and number of servings per day.

Menu and recipes

The bonus in the book is the fourteen-day menu and accompanying recipes for anyone who want to transition to a solely plant-based diet. And if not, the recipes will help you boost your health by including them in the lifestyle diet of your choice.
Plant-Powered Diet is the book I turned to when I moved to a plant-based diet. It had everything I needed transition to plant-based eating including encouragement along the way. Plant-Powered Diet explained concepts in a manner that was inclusive and easy to digest, kinda like plants…

Takeaways for authors

  1. Sharon Palmer has written a book that is accessible, meeting people where they are and moving them forward. She does not preach values or assume everyone should be fully plant-based. She offers ways for every diet preference to move closer to a plant-based diet.
  2. She offers a new food guide. Many book profess diets but don’t offer practical information so readers are left trying to figure out the overall and adjust old food guides to incorporate the new ideas. The Plant-Powered Diet offers a new food guide for the omnivore and the vegan to follow to obtain what each needs.
  3. Information is presented in a variety of ways: charts, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes, action alerts, asides and more. Headings are used well. When an author presents information using variety, matching form to content, reader stay focused and interested.


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