Dynamic You

I learned about Dynamic You as a program, which I took in 2016. I did not know that Diane had a book on the go when I took the program. When I had the opportunity to read the book, I knew I would review it.  The book and the program are great examples of an author connecting with their readers and going deeper in content than just the words on the page.

First, a review of the book. Dynamic YouTM is a set of pillars you implement to become a more successful and empowered you. Do not read it in one sitting. Instead, each chapter discusses a pillar and offers ways to implement that pillar into your life. Each pillar takes a different amount of time, depending on

  • where you are,
  • where you want to be, and
  • how much work you are willing to do.

Some pillars will feel familiar and comfortable. For me the pillar ‘Be Real’ was a fast one to go through since I walk through life unapologetically me. Take me or leave me, but I will always be me.
Other pillars will feel uncomfortable and challenging. The pillar ‘Connected’ is trickier for me. I think of being connected in terms of giving to others, where it should be a balance between giving and receiving, so this pillar, for me, needed more work. I spent more time on it make the gains I wanted for myself.

The good news I did not have to do it alone. Growth and development does not happen in a vacuum. (Not a lot happens with vacuums in my house.)

Now we come back to how the book is a great example of how authors can connect with their readers and go deeper. While reading this book, you can jump onto the Facebook page set up for you and connect with other people reading the book. You can share your experiences and go even deeper by reading the experiences of others. This connection is magic and has value far greater than the cover price of any book.

If you want to go even deeper, you can take the program. Connect with a group of women as you go through the material, on Facebook and during live group coaching calls with Diane.

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