Yum! Plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet

Theresa Nicassio PhD first introduced me to her book at a dinner party where she spoke and I was on a panel about food blogging.  We both have a passion for eating delicious food but that is not where our similarities ended. We both reject the idea of dieting and deprivation as a means to living a healthy and vibrant life.

Yum! begins with Dr. Theresa Nicassio delving into the psychology of eating and her own challenges of living with dietary restrictions due to health issues. If you struggle with eating for whatever reason, you are in good company. Yum! Turns the idea of struggle on its head. Instead of struggling with food issues, throw out the judgements and expectation. Explore new foods, celebrate eating and live a delicious life.

Have you ever picked up a new cookbook and felt intimidated by the new ingredients and tools it espouses? Then this is the cookbook for you. Yes, it includes new foods and tools but everything is explained. You will learn about these new foods and tools in a simple and easy to understand manner. In fact, every recipe passed the 12-year-old chef test. Your kids can start cooking dinner too! Yum! was a family project, and your new food adventure can be too. Inclusive eating is a main course for the entire family.

Infused with gorgeous images from Dr Theresa’s own backyard, she invites you into her world in both through recipes and through the lense of her camera. The book is a testament to what you can do when life gives you lemons. You can make lemonade (p. 48) or lemon cupcakes (p.268) or lemonette dressing (p. 103) for your favorite salad.

Known as a kindness advocate, Dr. Theresa Nicassio has created a cookbook that anyone can dive into to find a way to feed anyone who shows up at their table, no matter their dietary restrictions. Food, after all, has been a uniting source for people for millennia. And Yum! continues this tradition in today’s complicated world in an inclusive book for everyone.

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