The pressure to consistently come up with valuable content is overwhelming and exasperating. You have a message and want to share it, but you have so many other responsibilities and to-dos. Yet you know your message can change lives.

The overwhelm is real.

How can you integrate content development into your day?

As a prolific content creator, I can help you find content in your hectic day. Content that matters to you and to your ideal clients. Content you can easily share.

How do I do that?

I give you practical, doable steps and information, and I help you build on your strengths, and I lift you up where you need it.
My Promise to YOU: In our 30 minutes together, I will give you practical advice you can implement.


“Melody is a meticulous professional who brings both her expertise and her passion to her work. She was dedicated to my project and worked diligently on it. She supported and encouraged me with what at times seemed like unlimited patience.”

Dr. Bal Pawa

“I asked Melody for help with content for my blog because I was struggling to come up with blog post ideas. By following the system of planned varied blog posts I have gotten positive feedback and engagement.”

Erin Taniguchi

“I worked with Melody on both creating strategic content for my business and crafting a personal story. Melody has a process that makes what felt like a monumental task feel suddenly clear. I was impressed with how much progress I made in two short sessions.”

Julie Gieseke