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Melody Owen, Chief Strategist & Storyteller

About Us

We are building a community of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises who use content to change the conversation in the areas of personal development, health and wellness, food and fitness and social or environmental justice. We believe that with progressive thinking, the right stories and beautiful language together we can make a significant difference.
We are all storytellers and each of us has a story worth telling. We envision a world where everyone shares her gifts and effects change to make the world go round with more joy and equality.

Our work is about transforming the world with stories. This is our purpose and the legacy we want to leave. We invite you to join us in this vision.

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Our Clients

The stories our clients tell facilitate the change they seek to make in the world. And our clients know the power of story. Likewise, they know that power is sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Our clients are everything to us. First and foremost, our clients are the heroes of their own stories. They believe that every individual is valuable and so they help change the lives of others. Every pebble dropped into a still pond ripples out. For every life transformed, the lives of multiple other people are affected. That’s magic.

Our Promise

We believe that the future of the planet is in good hands, the hands of our clients.

We believe that stories are stronger than facts. Facts are nice. Stories transform.

We believe that everyone is a marketer. And the best storytellers are the best marketers.

We look to the long-term for ourselves, our clients and the planet. However, we must be profitable now and in the long-term in order to create lasting change. We understand that our clients must be profitable now and in the long-term in order to live out their visions. No get rich quick schemes here.

We dare to be different and question the status quo. We take risks. When we succeed, we celebrate. When we make mistakes, we learn (and don’t do it again.) Failure is not part of the equation. Remark-able.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed on their terms. For that reasons we transform how they interact with the world.

We want to delight our clients along the way. And have fun. Fun is important to us.


What matters most. Are we making a difference? We don’t need to grow into a large corporation or make money and run off to a little island in the Pacific. In fact, we all work in our own space. You might be talking to someone living on an island in the Pacific, you never know. Instead, our aim is to be exceptional. We are small and can move at the speed of the internet.
We are open and transparent. We share our knowledge generously with each other and our clients. We do not know everything but we are committed to mastery. Mastery is a life-long commitment. Hence, we are constantly learning and pushing our own boundaries.
Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.
Albert Einstein
Loyalty is rewarded. Discounts and freebies are for people who have taken courses before, signed up for our mailing list, follow us on social. Discounts and freebies are not just for the new people to lure them in. Loyalty is rewarded. That’s how we work.

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We work specifically with social entrepreneurs and social enterprises and help them connect on an emotional level with the people they serve.