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Story-Based Marketing

You started your business because you wanted to make the world a better place. Your heart is in it and yet you don’t always find a way to convey how much you care and how you can help.

Learn storytelling

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Change the world

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Stories Work

Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.” – Jennifer Aaker, Stanford Marketing Professor

“I’m looking for angry women,” he said. Every person snapped their head up from their phones and meals to look at this man who claimed he was looking for angry women. This was not the way most 30 second pitches started. He captured our attention and kept it with story. So few networkers do this yet it is so effective. 

Don't site statistics. Tell stories.

Stories engage. Stories persuade. And stories move people to action. 

There’s a story behind your commitment and there is a story behind every person you serve. Let those stories help you connect with new clients, create more impact and continue your legacy of making the world a better place.

Next workshop fall 2020



Topics Covered

• Where to find and generate stories

• Learn the key ingredients for an compelling story

• Become a more engaging and impactful storyteller

• Learn the five most important business stories and how to use them

  • Session One: Introduction and the Entrepreneur Story
  • Session Two: The Client Story 
  • Session Three: The Product/Service Story
  • Session Four: The Brand Story

Next workshop fall 2020

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We work specifically with social entrepreneurs and social enterprises and help them connect on an emotional level with the people they serve.